For Precision Sheet Metal Fabrication, Contract Manufacturing, Powder Coating or Final Finishing services that need special attention; contact your sales representative to schedule an appointment that will benefit you and your company. - 1.410.771.3222 or
Small Parts - Intricate Assemblies - Hardware Insertion - Special Coatings
Custom Enclosures - OEM, Military, Electronic, Commercial, Municipality. Powder Coating, Irridite and Anodizing Available
Large - Enclosures, Tool Boxes, Carts - Engineering and CAD Design
Brackets - Small Prototypes to Production Quantities - Thin Gauge to Heavy Gauge
Flat Parts - Bezels, Plates, Intricate Shaped holes, Forms, Part Marking
Weldments - Difficult and Precise weldments MIG, TIG, SPOT and Heliarc welding, Asthetic welding and Grinding
Special Featues - Embossing, Countersinking, Louvers, Part Marking, Engraving, Other Special Features